Italy Immersion                                                                                            

See, taste and experience Italy in a way most tours won’t.

    You may have the universe if I may have Italy.Giuseppe Verdi

In order to immerse yourself in the culture and help you discover the essence of a place, we provide a full itinerary – we’ll see and do a lot, but also build in time to savor the flavor of the rich and diverse Italian culture.

September 2018 --  FULL, WAITING LIST

In September, two groups will visit the beautiful Eternal City and head south to Positano. It’s a perfect time to visit – past the peak tourism season and the weather is lovely. With this itinerary we’ll visit Rome for some unbelievable history, culture and food. We’ll spend a day in Pompeii and see how this once-buried city has been excavated, then move on to the stunning Amalfi Coast for boat excursions, wine tastings and learning to make their local gnocchi alla sorrentina.


In May we’re planning two trips: one will visit northern Italy (Tuscany and Veneto regions), just ahead of the peak tourism season. The weather is very pleasant, everything is in bloom and we’ll find treasures and seasonal goods at the open markets. A highlight of this itinerary is touring a Chianti vineyard and having dinner with the family who has run it for generations. We’ll spend time along the sea, visiting the fishing villages of the Cinque Terre and the famous Carrara marble quarry where Michelangelo sourced the white stone for his sculptures.

The other will be to the Amalfi Coast and either Rome or Taormina, Sicily. More info to come as that evolves this winter.

Cost for each tour, including winery tours and tastings, informational tours, cooking lessons, all accommodations and ground transportation, receptions, most meals (everything but air):

        $3900 for the 11-day tour (Approximately $350 per day)

View sample Amalfi Itinerary

View sample Tuscany  Itinerary

For our European clients, you can join all or part of these tours, or we can customize a long weekend on either end of a planned itinerary. Send me an email and we can coordinate or create a custom tour.


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